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"Factory Ballet Over 55s"

Factory Ballet over 55s , is the first single image project that I have done in a very, very long time, I decided to go back at this type of process since I first needed a bit of time to practice short-film making more and really push myself under the hood to make the new things I would love to make, but secondly, I re-started single image making because I firmly believe that this type of project shouldn't lose its value, not for artists or audiences or collectors, whatever you want to call it, I wouldn't like for this practice to die and I don't know if I strongly believe that it ever will but I do believe that as of now 2024 a single image on the internet is underrated and it has been the case long before the AIs appeared. Thirdly I believe that the process has so much to offer in terms of learning, spending a very long time on one single image is very painful to the nowadays brain-type we carry with us and not only that going over the many aspects and details of one single image can be a nightmare, try to think for a second a single-image project that its sole goal is to strike the viewer emotionally and historically, that's not easy, and I have certainly failed here.


************* This piece was done in 3 weeks and rendered for 19 hours, in C4d Arnold, utilizing the usual suspects for 3D creation.

batman_01bc (0-00-00-00).png

"The Pink Calling!"

The Pink Calling is a piece of artwork I made to function as a concept and style refinement, it was indeed a practice piece yet I tried to push it very hard I don't consider this to be the start of the single image season, but it sure has a place in the gallery in my eyes since it shows the range in which I like to float in, from hyper-stylized to 3D realism, I made this piece in conjunction with Factory Ballet Over 55s, forcing my brain to switch on an instant and it definitely made some of it to be spilled into Factory Ballet over 55s, but the point of realistic 3D for me was never to stick to reality and achieve the fidelity of a lifetime, neither stick to the fundamentals of our world.


************* I don't remember the time spent on it since I was working on two projects at a time, but it was rendered over 1 hour due to the low lighting scene and high bounce light needed for the halftone creation since no lights are pointed actually towards the train, the train is light solely by bounce light as many other parts and if you don't give it enough samples the halftones get a little grainy in some spots.

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