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//Radiohead - Everything in its right place (Music Video)


I've always been a fan of this song, and its energy, how it hits so hard but keeps this sort of chill breeze in the back of my neck, I always visualized it in glitchart and distorted effects, those to me were how the song looked like and with that imagination on paper I decided to make a fan music video to cherish this incredible song from RadioHead






c/ music video, glitch art, animation, direction, editing 



to make the visuals a lot of personal set ups that I developed over the years in after effects were used to make a massive amount of loops and shots, and a lot of graphical design was implied, I think that glitchart is unique to the digital medium and it is to be celebrated and when you tint it with a bit of design you can create incredible pieces of imagery

the glitch art visuals have this analog nature which was achieved with native after effects tools a couple of plugins and a special export setup, but the special sauce to create these visuals was to make them out of footage instead of shape layers, in the end only a few of the shots carry shapes and vectors and movement and they blend together so much that it can be deceiving to point out which is it, most of the shots tho are made by distorting footage to the point where it looks designed and natural which gives everything this natural analog texture and a lot more of a tactile feeling to the entire project.

-Rafael Bicalho


c/ music video, design, editing, direction, glitchart

thank you!


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