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."It is said that the first seer SAKIMI created the 13th simulation program to extract and manifest physically the digital power of instant creation" And now the time has come to follow up on his predictions, the last attempt is here and failure wasn't calculated.

SAKIMI is a short film about a decaying world of robots, full of culture, including a cult, the cult of the seer, SAKIMI was the leader of the cult that installed the prophecy of the 13th program, to retrieve the power that would evolve their civilization. Making this short was an incredible goal for everyone on the team, we had high levels to achieve, but deep down we wanted to honor our most loved films, such as Akira, Spprigan, Evangelion, and so on... and within every passion for these films, we extracted something to infuse in ours, the color mastery of Akira and its complexity in details, the experimental nature of Evangelion, that freedom, and so on... SAKIMI was born out of passion, and it will continue to exist out of love, this is but only the first episode of our world-building of sequential anthologies. SAKIMI was made with a multi-culture team, with people from all over the world, Brazil, Ukraine, USA, Thailand... but one place tied us all, Notion Theory Studios at Miami.

/y 2023  

                                                  /c  animation, anime, short film



                                                  /c short film, experimental,    animation, anime


.to showcase the process behind the makings of this short film we dived it into two separate videos to give more depth to the BTS.

creating this piece involved a bazillion processes and simple images would not be enough to portray the hard times we went through in the making of this, nonetheless, Sakimi is a personal achievement in the amount of detail I was able to infuse into it, it was by far the best learning experience I could possibly have had so far.



.SAKIMI was a short film done thrice, meaning it was reworked from 0 two other times, that was deeply challenging but I couldn't let something out that I wasn't proud to say that I had done it.

This project was an incredible effort in terms of colors for me, it can sound like a simple problem, but I've always been interested in how to use strange colors and I have Stefan Riekeles to thank, due to his book ANIME ARCHITECTURE I was able to study the grand masters I look up to, and try to receive as much information from them as I possibly could through the imagery of their productions.

SAKIMI is the episode one of three and possibly more depending on the future, this piece itself is a concept short film to build out the world and give a ground base of the initial portion of the story, story setting so to speak,  we wish to do more if we capable to :)