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.theConstruct                  /is    Rafael Monteiro Bicalho


.theconstruct is the pseudonym and one man band studio of Rafael Bicalho, where he can assit in multiple ways, as the artist lives the generalist's life

.meet the artist

.Rafael Bicalho, is a 3D generalist, animator and designer located in Brazil with the passion and curiosity for art and all its digital forms, through the years Rafael has aquired many years of experience working in  both the games industry and the motion design industry, he is passionate and always developing his personal short films, his deep  love for music videos, films and video games drives Rafael to the limits in his pursuit to create  and design worlds and wicked styles.


.environment art
.3D art
.Creative Direction
.Unreal engine support and look/dev
.concept art
.editting and colloring


//clients: intel,dell,FIFA,Abott,CEPA Gallery


.Music Videos
.Games(concept/environment art 3D/Unreal)
.Brand Films


/appearances and honors :D

.Iron & Air - Art and Design Issue Volume Three                -               //y2022
.Drawn4 - Leaders in Contemporary Illustration                 -               //y2021            
.Outdoor Screens Exhibit at NeoShibuya                                   -                  //y2023

.article: Life at the Chasm exhibit  at CEPA Bufallo NY- //y2023 -                                

.Shiver International Film Festival- 1st place    -   //y2023            
.6th portugal international film festival   - selected - //y2023
.LA Bizarre Films     - selected             -    //y2023
.Miami International Science Fiction Film Festival - //y2023
.EuroArts Gallery  exhibit - //2023


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